Find your freedom to move

Due to COVID, I currently do not offer any face-to-face classes or massage treatments. All classes are live on Zoom.




Based on a set of principles that exercise the whole body through a range of mat-based and standing exercises. Great for improving movement and wellbeing, and suitable for all ages and abilities.


Self-Myofascial Release (SMFR)

SMFR Therapy is an easy-to-use, effective and integrated approach to self-care. Applying gentle, sustained pressure to the facia, it helps to increase wellness, restore motion and promote relaxation.



Works on the soft tissues of your body. Deep-tissue and myofascial techniques may be used to ease muscular tension, while lighter pressure can be more suitable for general relaxation and unwinding.


Bodywork etc. offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. My objective is to help you feel more balanced and at ease in your body - through Pilates, self-myofascial release or massage. All of these work hand in hand and have similar benefits: they are designed to help you move better and restore balance and alignment to the body.


Farnham Studio

Small group classes (up to 3 people), 1-2-1 sessions and massage treatments take place at the Studio in Folly Hill (north Farnham).

Binsted Village Hall

Standing Pilates classes are held at the Wickham Institute (Binsted Village Hall), situated in East Hampshire. 

Please note that the Farnham Studio and Binsted Village Hall are currently closed due to COVID. 

Live Zoom Classes

Standing and mat Pilates as well as self-myofascial release classes currently take place live on Zoom from Monday to Thursday. 

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