What is SMFR Therapy?

SMFR Therapy is an easy-to-use, effective and integrated approach to self-care, which helps to increase wellness, restore motion and promote relaxation. It combines different techniques, using SMFR tools to apply gentle, sustained pressure.

All you need is:

•a warm, comfortable and quiet place

•a Pilates/yoga mat or blanket to lie on plus a couple of cushions

•SMFR Therapy tool(s) such as soft ball, foam roller and/or peanut roll (all three tools can be purchased as a start-up bundle from Myofascial Release UK).


What is (myo)fascia?

Fascia is a 3D web of connective tissue that surrounds and connects every part of the body – muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves etc. – from head to toe. Myofascia is the fascia in and around the muscles. When we feel discomfort, stiffness or pain, this is often due to fascial dysfunction, caused by trauma, inflammation or infection, poor posture, scar tissue, overuse or underuse and many other factors. This can lead to tissue restriction, compressions of the joints, reduced blood flow and a build-up of toxins, resulting in pain and dysfunction. SMFR Therapy can help to restore balance and alignment to the body.


What are the aims of SMFR Therapy?

•Facilitate the removal of metabolic waste from the body

•Increase local blood flow, thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients

•Promote tissue healing

•Increase range of motion

•Alleviate pain

•Help reduce soreness post-exercise

•Promote function, stability and mobility

•Increase interoception (i.e. the awareness of what’s going on in the body), which has been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression